The high-speed train that will revolutionize travel in the Northeast Corridor

It’s estimated that the average commuter in this area spends 102+ hours per year in traffic. Imagine traveling from Washington DC to New York City in an hour, and Washington to Baltimore in 15 minutes.

The world's fastest train technology is also one of the safest. Using a completely dedicated U-shaped guideway, and advanced automatic train control, eliminates the possibility of collisions or derailment.

Northeast Maglev will help our region save time, protect the environment, and have a monumental impact on the economy.

And, with fewer cars on the road, that means less emissions and contaminants that harm our air and water.

Not only is the construction of Northeast Maglev estimated to create 205,000 jobs, but it will also bring the region's metropolitan areas, and their workforces, much closer to each other - elevating economies and benefiting local communities.


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